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Show Java app icon
Get the source code of Android applications.
Show Java rating
Turbo Alarm app icon
Set and customize alarms on your Android device.
Turbo Alarm rating
Bluetooth Loudspeaker app icon
Turn your Android phone into a remote loudspeaker.
Bluetooth Loudspeaker rating
Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro app icon
Control the power button on your Android phone.
Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro rating
Network Signal Speed Booster app icon
Increase the speed of the WiFi network on your Android phone or tablet.
Network Signal Speed Booster rating
Pixel NetCut Pro Analayzer app icon
Scan your WiFi network to check all connected devices and perform an analysis.
Pixel NetCut Pro Analayzer rating
CastReceiver app icon
Use your phone or tablet to send and receive Google Cast streams.
CastReceiver rating
Sensor Test app icon
Run multiple tests to check the sensors of your Android phone or tablet.
Sensor Test rating
Virtual Button for ROOT device app icon
Add virtual buttons for several keys to your Android device screen.
Virtual Button for ROOT device rating
Maps for Minecraft PE app icon
Add thousands of new maps to your Minecraft game.
Maps for Minecraft PE rating
Duplicate Contacts app icon
Get rid of duplicate contacts on your Android phone or tablet.
Duplicate Contacts rating
Soft Keys app icon
Activate the on-screen keys without having to root your Android phone or tablet.
Soft Keys rating
CM S Pen Add-on app icon
Switch between keyboards and identify events related to the S Pen tool.
CM S Pen Add-on rating
File Manager app icon
View, browse and manage files on your Android phone or tablet.
File Manager rating
Malaysia Post Tracker app icon
Track the packages you sent or that are sent to you on your Android phone.
Malaysia Post Tracker rating
App Freezer No Root app icon
Stop the running applications and increase your Android's phone performance.
App Freezer No Root rating
Image Viewer app icon
View different types of images on your Android phone or tablet.
Image Viewer rating
Pokédex for Android app icon
View an extensive list of Pokemon characters on your Android device.
Pokédex for Android rating
BIR app icon
Change the size of your images in batch mode on your Android device.
BIR rating
Phone Factory Reset app icon
Restore your Android device to its original state by performing a factory reset.
Phone Factory Reset rating