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Yamaha MyGarage app icon
Collect various virtual models of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters.
Yamaha MyGarage rating
Screen Repair and Calibrator app icon
Run tests to identify touchscreen issues on your device.
Screen Repair and Calibrator rating
Futurounds icon pack app icon
Get access to a wide collection of themes for the icons on your phone or tablet.
Futurounds icon pack rating
Keyboard for LG G6 Style Theme app icon
Add new keyboard themes to your phone or tablet.
Keyboard for LG G6 Style Theme rating
Dynasty app icon
Get access to thousands of retro style icons and hundreds of wallpapers.
Dynasty rating
Custom AOD app icon
Personalize your Always On Display feature on certain Samsung smartphones.
Custom AOD rating
Contacts Widget app icon
Place all necessary chats, contact or call widgets on your phone screen.
Contacts Widget rating
FX Faenza Icon Theme app icon
Extend the range of icon themes for FX File Explorer on your phone or tablet.
FX Faenza Icon Theme rating
Cheetah Keyboard app icon
Add a new keyboard to your phone or tablet.
Cheetah Keyboard rating
Wallpaper Setter (S) app icon
Create wallpapers from your own images and set on your phone screen.
Wallpaper Setter (S) rating
Edge Action app icon
Add a sidebar with frequently used apps to the screen of your phone or tablet.
Edge Action rating
Color status bar app icon
Modify the color of the status bar on your phone or tablet.
Color status bar rating
Pashto Keyboard app icon
Write any text in the Pashto language on your Android phone.
Pashto Keyboard rating
Sharingan LiveWallpaper 2015 app icon
Bring a set of wallpapers from the Naruto series to your Android device.
Sharingan LiveWallpaper 2015 rating
Launcher and Theme app icon
Apply Samsung Galaxy J5 2018 theme on the home screen of your Android device.
Launcher and Theme rating
Theme - Galaxy S6 app icon
Add icons, themes, and wallpapers based on the Galaxy S6 look.
Theme - Galaxy S6 rating
Camouflage Wallpapers app icon
Select from a wide range of camouflage wallpapers.
Camouflage Wallpapers rating
FREE Brain battery monitor app icon
A replacement for the standard battery indicators and phone interface elements.
FREE Brain battery monitor rating
HD Pixel 2 Wallpapers app icon
Add wallpapers with various themes to your Android phone.
HD Pixel 2 Wallpapers rating
Pixel Navigation Bar app icon
Make your phone's navigation bar look like the Google Pixel Phone's one.
Pixel Navigation Bar rating