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Kingdom Rush app icon
Tower defense game in which you have to customize your defense strategy.
Kingdom Rush rating
ExaGear Strategies app icon
Play your favorite computer games right on your Android smartphone or tablet.
ExaGear Strategies rating
The Troopers: minions in arms app icon
Boss your minions around and have them fight in funny yet strategical battles.
The Troopers: minions in arms rating
Zoo Evolution: Animal Saga app icon
Build your own zoo and populate with new species of animals that you create.
Zoo Evolution: Animal Saga rating
Majestia app icon
Multiplayer real-time strategy game with PvP battles.
Majestia rating
Star Wars™: Force Arena app icon
Give it your all in intense multiplayer battles and may the Force be with you.
Star Wars™: Force Arena rating
Defense Witches app icon
Use little witches to defend the Stone Seal from the waves of monsters.
Defense Witches rating
Hackers app icon
Employ the best security strategies and join in the modern war: cyber warfare.
Hackers rating
Super Senso app icon
Synchronous, turn-based action strategy game.
Super Senso rating
Devil Breaker app icon
Strategy-action game in which you can play many different heroes.
Devil Breaker rating
Zgirls app icon
Use a squad of schoolgirls armed to the teeth to stop the hordes of zombies.
Zgirls rating
Clash of Kings – CoK app icon
Tactical MMO game with a medieval vibe.
Clash of Kings – CoK rating
Mobile Strike app icon
Grow your forces, raid enemies for resources and defend your base.
Mobile Strike rating
Castle Clash app icon
It's a multiplayer strategy game with a lot of heroes.
Castle Clash rating
Clash Royale app icon
A real-time multiplayer with Clash of Clans characters.
Clash Royale rating
Clash of Clans app icon
Build your own village, raise or join a clan, and fight in epic battles.
Clash of Clans rating
Vikings: War of Clans app icon
It is an MMO strategy game with multiple language options.
Vikings: War of Clans rating
Dawn of Titans app icon
Found a kingdom, grow it and fight other people to gain or keep resources.
Dawn of Titans rating
Plants vs. Zombies app icon
Grow plants to stop the hordes of zombies from advancing.
Plants vs. Zombies rating
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare app icon
Build an empire and see how well you do against players form all over the world.
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare rating