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Building the China Wall app icon
Gather resources to build The Great Wall of China.
Building the China Wall rating
MapleStory Blitz app icon
Collect cards with heroes, monsters, and skills and use against your opponents.
MapleStory Blitz rating
Middle East Empire 2027 app icon
Take control of your country and build your own empire.
Middle East Empire 2027 rating
Bloons TD Battles app icon
Compete with other players on various head-to-head tracks.
Bloons TD Battles rating
Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim app icon
Build and maintain your realm in the Middle Ages.
Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim rating
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm app icon
Gather game cards and engage other players in battles.
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm rating
Clash of Three Kingdoms app icon
Maintain your resources and explore and conquer other lands.
Clash of Three Kingdoms rating
Kingdom Rush Frontiers app icon
Defend your lands from various monsters.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers rating
Kingdoms of Heckfire app icon
Create your own empire and form alliances with other players in an open world.
Kingdoms of Heckfire rating
Guns of Glory app icon
Erect castles and buildings, manage resources and fight your enemies.
Guns of Glory rating
Pirate Chronicles app icon
Set sail on an adventure to find treasure and ancient pirate artifacts.
Pirate Chronicles rating
Pixel Starships™ : Hyperspace app icon
Create a space vehicle, customize it, and travel in space.
Pixel Starships™ : Hyperspace rating
Soccer Agent app icon
Play as a manager of a football team and lead them to victory.
Soccer Agent rating
Town of Salem - The Coven app icon
Take up the role of an innocent or evil character and play with up to 15 people.
Town of Salem - The Coven rating
Forge of Empires app icon
Become the king of a city and make it the most successful in the neighborhood.
Forge of Empires rating
Ludo Bing app icon
Play the strategy board game of Ludo.
Ludo Bing rating
Olympus Rising: Hero Defense app icon
An action strategy game with elements of Greek mythology.
Olympus Rising: Hero Defense rating
Mobile Pirates - War of Legends app icon
A puzzle adventure game about pirates.
Mobile Pirates - War of Legends rating
Mother Ship Defenders app icon
A tower defense game about alien warfare.
Mother Ship Defenders rating
Last Empire - War Z: Strategy app icon
Shoot and battle the zombie army that wants to steal your resources.
Last Empire - War Z: Strategy rating