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Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia app icon
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
Play a 2D multiplayer action game.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia rating
HIT app icon
HIT stands for Heroes of Incredible Tales and it's a 3D Action RPG.
HIT rating
Battle Bay app icon
Battle Bay
It's a real-time multiplayer battle arena game.
Battle Bay rating
Phantom of the Kill app icon
Phantom of the Kill
Tactical role-playing game that combines strategy with drama.
Phantom of the Kill rating
Free Fire - Battlegrounds app icon
Free Fire - Battlegrounds
A third-person survival game where 50 players face each other.
Free Fire - Battlegrounds rating
Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 app icon
Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3
3D combat action multiplayer game.
Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 rating
Goddess: Primal Chaos app icon
Goddess: Primal Chaos
Set on an adventure through time and space with the mission to save the world.
Goddess: Primal Chaos rating

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KUBOOM app icon
Choose weapon, customize your armor, and shoot other players in online battles.
KUBOOM rating
... various locations, participate in 5v5 team battles, enable the auto-shoot option ...
Mobile Legends: Bang bang app icon
Mobile Legends: Bang bang
Join 5 V 5 MOBA-style battles and prove your prowess on the battlefield.
Mobile Legends: Bang bang rating
Make sure that your team has the synergy ... heroes and outplay the enemy team in a ten-minute battle. ...
Star Wars™: Force Arena app icon
Star Wars™: Force Arena
Give it your all in intense multiplayer battles and may the Force be with you.
Star Wars™: Force Arena rating
... 2v2 skirmishes, create and lead a team of characters from the Star ... rewards by winning your battles.
The Troopers: minions in arms app icon
The Troopers: minions in arms
Boss your minions around and have them fight in funny yet strategical battles.
The Troopers: minions in arms rating
Draft your team, train and grow your minions through battles and arm them ...
Puzzle & Dragons app icon
Puzzle & Dragons
Assemble your team of monsters and embark on an epic puzzle-RPG adventure.
Puzzle & Dragons rating
... explore dungeons and win battles by putting your match- ... Each monster on your team has its own special ...
MARVEL Strike Force app icon
MARVEL Strike Force
Put a team of allies together and fight against the villains.
MARVEL Strike Force rating
... costumes, and upgrade your team to become more powerful. ... combos, and fight 5 versus 5 battles.
Seven Knights app icon
Seven Knights
An RPG with 3D team battles.
Seven Knights rating
You can pick one of the many available heroes and enjoy diverse skills and effects. Strategic play ...
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS app icon
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
It's a first-person shooter game with online multiplayer fights.
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS rating
... classes and take part in team battles. Leveling up and unlocking additional ...
Minimon: Adventure of Minions app icon
Minimon: Adventure of Minions
Recruit a team of minions and find a way to summon the mythical dragon Orochi.
Minimon: Adventure of Minions rating
... human players in a glorious arenas battles.
Terra Battle app icon
Terra Battle
Test your tactical skills in battles that take place on a grid-based map.
Terra Battle rating
... characters to end up with a team that fits your playing style.
Mobile Battleground - Blitz app icon
Mobile Battleground - Blitz
Create a team of three players and combat against other teams.
Mobile Battleground - Blitz rating
Engage in battles lasting 3 minutes each against online ...
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War app icon
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War
Create your team of fighters and combat against your enemies.
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War rating
... your heroes and participate in battles in the PVP Arena or ...
Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars app icon
Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars
Play for the six brothers of the Matsuno Home and engage in multiple battles.
Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars rating
... your favorite characters and create a team, collect and browse a huge array ...
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars app icon
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Help the Power Rangers defeat the evil space witch Rita Repulsa.
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars rating
... large; choose your team and take the ... universe, evolve your team through battles, join alliances and ...
War Machines app icon
War Machines
Chose the tank that you want, get your favorite weapon and get ready for war.
War Machines rating
... in action-packed tank battles against other players from ... make sure that your team wins or go in ...
Shadowblood app icon
Experience real-time combat and raid bosses in an RPG.
Shadowblood rating
You can either team up with other human ... engage in real-time PVP battles versus your mates. There are ...
War Robots app icon
War Robots
A team-based multiplayer game with real-time battles.
War Robots rating
In order to win you have to destroy the enemy robots or capture the beacons. To do that you can also ...
Crusaders of Light app icon
Crusaders of Light
It's a MMORPG set in a vast 3D open-world.
Crusaders of Light rating
... part in team raids for various prizes. Guilds, PVP arena battles, plenty ...
Forces of Freedom app icon
Forces of Freedom
It's a tactical team combat game with real-time multiplayer battles.
Forces of Freedom rating
It contains PVP MMO fights that feature military personnel from all around the world, of various ...
Call of Duty®: Heroes app icon
Call of Duty®: Heroes
3D combat strategy game with soldiers and other elements from Call of Duty.
Call of Duty®: Heroes rating
... take parts in battles using fully controllable heroes ... You can also team up with friends and ...
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