Real-Time Battles

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Shadowverse CCG app icon
Shadowverse CCG
Play a multiplayer turn-based card game with real-time battles.
Shadowverse CCG rating
Magic Rush: Heroes app icon
Magic Rush: Heroes
Defend your kingdom against the invading forces in a real-time strategy game.
Magic Rush: Heroes rating
Paladins Strike app icon
Paladins Strike
A hero shooter with 15 Paladins characters featuring special skills.
Paladins Strike rating
Lineage 2: Revolution app icon
Lineage 2: Revolution
Explore a huge open world of fantasy.
Lineage 2: Revolution rating

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Battleheart app icon
Roleplaying game with real-time strategy elements and epic fantasy combat.
Battleheart rating
... heroes and take them to real-time battles against monsters of various types ...
War of Crown app icon
War of Crown
Take part in real-time PVP battles in a turn-based strategy RPG.
War of Crown rating
... captivating story mode, and real-time PVP battles versus other players, in ... results of the battles.
Unison League app icon
Unison League
Real-time co-op quest solving game.
Unison League rating
... 4 friends at a time can play it. The ... deployed in epic guild battles that allow for ... out in real time.
South Park: Phone Destroyer™ app icon
South Park: Phone Destroyer™
A real-time battle game with South Park characters.
South Park: Phone Destroyer™ rating
... features elements of real-time strategy next to the PVP battles and the ...
Shadowblood app icon
Experience real-time combat and raid bosses in an RPG.
Shadowblood rating
... defeat bosses, or engage in real-time PVP battles versus your mates. There ...
League of Dragons app icon
League of Dragons
3D real-time strategy multiplayer game with dragons.
League of Dragons rating
... winning battles against other players by crushing their castles, one at a time.
War Robots app icon
War Robots
A team-based multiplayer game with real-time battles.
War Robots rating
In order to win you have to destroy the enemy robots or capture the beacons. To do that you can also ...
Art of Conquest (AoC) app icon
Art of Conquest (AoC)
It's a strategy MMO game set in a magical world.
Art of Conquest (AoC) rating
... You can either enjoy the real-time battles or focus on the strategical ...
Middle-earth: Shadow of War app icon
Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Command popular characters from the Middle-Earth universe and conquer Mordor.
Middle-earth: Shadow of War rating
... and oppose Sauron's forces. Engage real-time battles and use well-thought-out ...
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm app icon
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm
Gather game cards and engage other players in battles.
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm rating
... various combinations while dueling in real time with other players from around ...
Lineage2 Revolution app icon
Lineage2 Revolution
Take part in an open-world RPG with high-quality graphics.
Lineage2 Revolution rating
... in PVE and PVP battles using the character ... also plenty of real-time clan battles that involve large ...
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars app icon
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Help the Power Rangers defeat the evil space witch Rita Repulsa.
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars rating
... evolve your team through battles, join alliances and participate in real-time PvP battles.
War and Order app icon
War and Order
Command orcs, mages, and elves and shape the world with your tactics.
War and Order rating
... and battles and ... real-time strategy and tower defense aspects. It includes fully animated battles ...
HIT app icon
HIT stands for Heroes of Incredible Tales and it's a 3D Action RPG.
HIT rating
... Engine 4 and it features real-time PVP battles and boss raids in teams ...
Vikings: War of Clans app icon
Vikings: War of Clans
It is an MMO strategy game with multiple language options.
Vikings: War of Clans rating
... and take part in intense real-time multiplayer battles. Solving quests and completing ...
Forces of Freedom app icon
Forces of Freedom
It's a tactical team combat game with real-time multiplayer battles.
Forces of Freedom rating
It contains PVP MMO fights that feature military personnel from all around the world, of various ...
Clash of Kings – CoK app icon
Clash of Kings – CoK
Tactical MMO game with a medieval vibe.
Clash of Kings – CoK rating
... can make real-time strategies and take part in massive battles while also ...
Majestia app icon
Multiplayer real-time strategy game with PvP battles.
Majestia rating
A selection of legendary heroes, skills, buildings and other items is available. You can either ...
Puzzle Fighter app icon
Puzzle Fighter
Compete against other players in real-time puzzle solving battles.
Puzzle Fighter rating
Collect famous characters with unique abilities such as Chun-Li, Ryu, Morrigan, Frank West etc. from ...
MapleStory Blitz app icon
MapleStory Blitz
Collect cards with heroes, monsters, and skills and use against your opponents.
MapleStory Blitz rating
... cards and engage in multiple real-time PvP battles. Use various characters from ...