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Temple Run app icon
Temple Run
Avoid the tons of traps and escape from the temple with the cursed idol.
Temple Run rating
Zombies, Run! app icon
Zombies, Run!
Running game and audio adventure made by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman.
Zombies, Run! rating
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle app icon
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
Running and racing game with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle rating
Unity.Run app icon
Running game where you also hop and slide to avoid obstacles.
Unity.Run rating
Rayman Adventures app icon
Rayman Adventures
Epic platformer with breathtaking visuals.
Rayman Adventures rating
Rabbids Crazy Rush app icon
Rabbids Crazy Rush
Help the bunny reach the end by avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.
Rabbids Crazy Rush rating
LAB Escape! app icon
LAB Escape!
Control a specimen escaped from a laboratory.
LAB Escape! rating
Sky Dancer Run app icon
Sky Dancer Run
Run on dangerous cliff paths high up in the sky.
Sky Dancer Run rating
Fun Run 3 app icon
Fun Run 3
Run as fast as possible and escape various obstacles.
Fun Run 3 rating
50 Loops app icon
50 Loops
Assume the role of a runner whose aim is to keep moving to survive road loops.
50 Loops rating

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Temple Run 2 app icon
Temple Run 2
Play an endless-running video game.
Temple Run 2 rating
The game is of the "endless running" type, so you get to ...
Snake Off app icon
Snake Off
Play a remake of the classic snake game with a multiplayer twist.
Snake Off rating
... this version of the game, you still have to ... but you won't lose for running into snake's tail. However ... app icon
Be the last man standing in a multiplayer version of the classical snake game. rating
... much as possible by not running into the borders, your own ...
Game Tuner app icon
Game Tuner
Adjusts various device settings to make it suitable for running any games.
Game Tuner rating
Change the resolution, texture quality and frames per second settings in mobile games that require ...
AirTycoon 3 app icon
AirTycoon 3
An airline management simulation game.
AirTycoon 3 rating
Play as a tycoon running the airline of your choice ...
N64 Emulator Pro app icon
N64 Emulator Pro
Fast and full-featured emulator to run Nintendo N64 games.
N64 Emulator Pro rating
... own game files onto the SD card before running ... save and load the game progress, and a customizable ...
Gusher app icon
Broadcast the action from your device's screen in real time.
Gusher rating
... live streaming the game or the app that's currently running on your ...
Rotation Anywhere app icon
Rotation Anywhere
Rotate the screen of your device using a popup floating control interface.
Rotation Anywhere rating
... and fast, even when a game is already running on the screen. Additional ...