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The Witness -Arcade Platformer app icon
The Witness -Arcade Platformer
An arcade platformer that contains guided meditations.
The Witness -Arcade Platformer rating
A Smile is Beautiful app icon
A Smile is Beautiful
A challenging retro-style platform game with RPG elements.
A Smile is Beautiful rating
Bored Button app icon
Bored Button
A collection of free games being streamed from a nearby server.
Bored Button rating
Disney Crossy Road app icon
Disney Crossy Road
Help your favorite Disney characters cross busy roads without getting squashed.
Disney Crossy Road rating
Rayman Adventures app icon
Rayman Adventures
Epic platformer with breathtaking visuals.
Rayman Adventures rating
Sonic the Hedgehog app icon
Sonic the Hedgehog
Play a version of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game optimized for Android.
Sonic the Hedgehog rating
Geometry Dash SubZero app icon
Geometry Dash SubZero
Rhythm-based action platforming game.
Geometry Dash SubZero rating
Dune! app icon
Very simple jumping action game for Android devices.
Dune! rating
Sboy World Adventure 2 - New Adventures 2018 app icon
Sboy World Adventure 2 - New Adventures 2018
Join Super Boy in a new platform adventure.
Sboy World Adventure 2 - New Adventures 2018 rating
Trap Adventure 2 app icon
Trap Adventure 2
An addictive platform game for hardcore gamers.
Trap Adventure 2 rating

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Geometry Dash Lite app icon
Geometry Dash Lite
This title is part of the Geometry Dash rhythm-based platformer series.
Geometry Dash Lite rating
It's a one-touch action game in which the players use ...
Growtopia app icon
2D platformer MMO where everyone is a hero.
Growtopia rating
This sandbox-game comes with no actual rules ...
Swordigo app icon
Explore a magic realm and defeat monsters in a 3D side-scroller platformer.
Swordigo rating
... as you advance through the game, collect treasures and find weapons ...
Geometry Dash World app icon
Geometry Dash World
Provides rhythm-based action in dark caves and open lands.
Geometry Dash World rating
This platformer comes with ten ... avoid obstacles, etc.). This game supports custom-made levels created ...