Action Platformer

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Geometry Dash SubZero app icon
Geometry Dash SubZero
Rhythm-based action platforming game.
Geometry Dash SubZero rating
Jetpack Joyride app icon
Jetpack Joyride
A science fiction action arcade game.
Jetpack Joyride rating
The LEGO® Batman Movie Game app icon
The LEGO® Batman Movie Game
A licensed game following the events of the animated movie.
The LEGO® Batman Movie Game rating

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Geometry Dash World app icon
Geometry Dash World
Provides rhythm-based action in dark caves and open lands.
Geometry Dash World rating
This platformer comes with ten different gameplay ...
Geometry Dash Lite app icon
Geometry Dash Lite
This title is part of the Geometry Dash rhythm-based platformer series.
Geometry Dash Lite rating
It's a one-touch action game in which the players ...
Swordigo app icon
Explore a magic realm and defeat monsters in a 3D side-scroller platformer.
Swordigo rating
... and enjoy the non-stop action.