Driving Speed

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Speed Limiter app icon
Speed Limiter
Speed limiter with five different speed to choose from.
Speed Limiter rating
GPS Speedometer app icon
GPS Speedometer
Track the driving speed and view other information concerning your vehicle.
GPS Speedometer rating

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GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic app icon
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic
Get driving directions and receive real time data about the traffic.
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic rating
... include warnings about radars and speed cameras, information about gas ... -up display for night driving.
Heavy Truck Simulator app icon
Heavy Truck Simulator
It's a truck driving simulation game for Android.
Heavy Truck Simulator rating
... holes, fuel stations, sleeping simulation, speed traps, and so on.
SEAT DriveMii App app icon
SEAT DriveMii App
Use your phone to control various devices in your SEAT Mii vehicle.
SEAT DriveMii App rating
... of your driving data, including travel times, mileage, engine speed, and coolant ...