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Babylon Translator app icon
Babylon Translator
It translates texts to multiple languages.
Babylon Translator rating
Travel Interpreter Select app icon
Travel Interpreter Select
A database of translations for common English words and phrases.
Travel Interpreter Select rating
U-Dictionary app icon
An assistant for quick translation on mobile devices.
U-Dictionary rating
Translator keyboard app icon
Translator keyboard
Translate between multiple languages using your Android phone keyboard.
Translator keyboard rating
QuickDic restored app icon
QuickDic restored
Translate between multiple languages on your phone.
QuickDic restored rating

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Translate Offline: French Free app icon
Translate Offline: French Free
Offline speech translator, dictionary, and phrasebook for French learners.
Translate Offline: French Free rating
It translates text from English to French and ...
The Economist GBR app icon
The Economist GBR
Read the latest articles on business and finance translated into English.
The Economist GBR rating
... Select a part of the text to translate and adjust the font size.