Secure Browsing

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Google Chrome app icon
Google Chrome
Google's web browser designed for mobile devices.
Google Chrome rating
Google app icon
Discover almost any information about the things that interest you.
Google rating
Opera Mini app icon
Opera Mini
Browse the Internet with high speed and stability.
Opera Mini rating
Porn Blocker app icon
Porn Blocker
Block intentional or accidental pornography access on 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks.
Porn Blocker rating
GoldenKey app icon
Browse the Internet in a secure and private way.
GoldenKey rating

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Secure VPN app icon
Secure VPN
Access web pages in a secure and anonymous way using a VPN service.
Secure VPN rating
... -party components from tracking your browsing activity. Pick from a wide range ...
Cốc Cốc Browser app icon
Cốc Cốc Browser
It's a web browser especially meant for Vietnamese users.
Cốc Cốc Browser rating
It comes with secure browsing capabilities, it ... that doesn't save any browsing history, and more. ...
UC Browser Mini app icon
UC Browser Mini
Browse the Internet in a secure environment.
UC Browser Mini rating
... interrupted downloads. Use the Incognito Browsing mode to avoid leaving local ...