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VLC Mobile Remote - PC & Mac app icon
VLC Mobile Remote - PC & Mac
Use your mobile device as a remote control for the VLC player on your PC.
VLC Mobile Remote - PC & Mac rating
Smart AudioBook Player app icon
Smart AudioBook Player
It's a player for audio books.
Smart AudioBook Player rating

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DsCast Music Player app icon
DsCast Music Player
Stream audio from your Android device to Google Cast compatible devices.
DsCast Music Player rating
... use the gapless playback and equalizer options with various effects. ... shuffle and repeat options.
Pro Metronome app icon
Pro Metronome
It's a music metronome that helps you practice and improve your playing skills.
Pro Metronome rating
... options, different time-keeping styles, and the precise RTP (Real-time Playback ...
PlayerXtreme Media Player app icon
PlayerXtreme Media Player
Multimedia player that supports both videos and audio tracks.
PlayerXtreme Media Player rating
... supported, enabling the playback of almost any media ... repeat and shuffle options are available too.
Meditation Music - Relax, Yoga app icon
Meditation Music - Relax, Yoga
Enjoy a selection of music for meditation and finding inner peace.
Meditation Music - Relax, Yoga rating
... or terminate the playback after you fell ... 0. Utilize the available options to choose only the ...
Nonton LK21 PRO HD app icon
Nonton LK21 PRO HD
A media browser for mobile devices.
Nonton LK21 PRO HD rating
... Indonesian. It supports direct playback and offers downloading options. The database contains ...
Edge Screen S8 Note8 S9 Note 9 app icon
Edge Screen S8 Note8 S9 Note 9
Use the well-known Edge Screen option of Samsung Galaxy devices on your phone.
Edge Screen S8 Note8 S9 Note 9 rating
... access call and messaging options, control the playback of your music, check ...