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SCTV app icon
A media streaming app.
SCTV rating
Enigma-TV app icon
A media player working specifically with Enigma-TV content.
Enigma-TV rating

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Remotr Game Streaming app icon
Remotr Game Streaming
Use your Android device to play the games installed on your computer.
Remotr Game Streaming rating
... smart TVs as well as media streamers and the same video ...
Khmer Song Free app icon
Khmer Song Free
Media streaming solution for Khmer content.
Khmer Song Free rating
It lets you listen to music (MP3 files) that have the song titles and artist data embedded in Khmer ...
Roku app icon
A streaming assistant for mobile devices.
Roku rating
... provide an extensive library of media.
vChannel app icon
It's a video player that imports the channel data from RSS feeds.
vChannel rating
It also supports streaming to Chromecast. ... 2.0 feeds that have media enclosure tags which indicate ...
Potplayer 2017 app icon
Potplayer 2017
Plays video and audio files on your mobile device.
Potplayer 2017 rating
... headset control. It also plays streaming content and creates media playlists.
INPLAY app icon
Play Widevine Classic and Modular DRM content.
INPLAY rating
... a streaming server. The player is an Android port of INPLAY media player ...
MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser app icon
MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser
An app to stream multimedia content from PC to smartphones.
MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser rating
... media server. The client supports playlist creation, HD video and audio streaming ...
Plex VR app icon
Plex VR
Watch movies with your friends by streaming videos from your Plex Media Server.
Plex VR rating
Launch TV and other video content in Virtual reality mode. Sync videos with your friends, ...