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Android Wear - Smartwatch app icon
Android Wear - Smartwatch
Pairs the user's smartwatch with the Android smartphone.
Android Wear - Smartwatch rating
Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit app icon
Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit
A mobile version of the Google maps client.
Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit rating

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Google Maps app icon
Google Maps
Provides real-time GPS navigation.
Google Maps rating
The official Google Maps app gives you access ... possibility to save the maps for offline navigation.
GPX Viewer app icon
GPX Viewer
Draw waypoints, routes, and tracks on various types of maps.
GPX Viewer rating
... as well as online maps such as Google Maps, HERE, Mapbox, Thunder forest ...
Google Street View app icon
Google Street View
Explore the world at street level.
Google Street View rating
... experiences and publishing them to Google Maps is also available.
AndroiTS GPS Test Free app icon
AndroiTS GPS Test Free
This app lets you view and test your GPS position.
AndroiTS GPS Test Free rating
... like support for Glonass, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, Yandex Maps, OSMDroid, AGPS, VMG ...
Transmilenio y Sitp app icon
Transmilenio y Sitp
Helps the passengers of the Transmilenio public transportation system of Bogotá.
Transmilenio y Sitp rating
... on. It also integrates with Google Maps. Taxi requesting and support for ...
Android Auto app icon
Android Auto
Take advantage of your Android phone's functionality from your car's dashboard.
Android Auto rating
... the Navigation system embedded in Google Maps or use your apps to ...
Google Earth app icon
Google Earth
Explore the globe in 3D from your screen.
Google Earth rating
... own data to the existing maps and satellite imagery if you ...
BOLAQ : Phone imei Locator app icon
BOLAQ : Phone imei Locator
Phone location tracking service that helps you find your missing phone.
BOLAQ : Phone imei Locator rating
... found will be displayed in Google Maps.
xfi Locator Lite app icon
xfi Locator Lite
Locates the user's mobile device and displays its location on Google Maps.
xfi Locator Lite rating
The app attempts to display the location of the user's smartphone or tablet in real time, but if it ...