Custom Keyboard

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Classic Big Keyboard app icon
Classic Big Keyboard
Custom keyboard with quick language switching.
Classic Big Keyboard rating
ZenUI Keyboard app icon
ZenUI Keyboard
Custom keyboard with emojis and emoticons.
ZenUI Keyboard rating
Hacker's Keyboard app icon
Hacker's Keyboard
Custom keyboard that comes with separate number keys and arrow keys.
Hacker's Keyboard rating
Flit Keyboard app icon
Flit Keyboard
A modifies software keyboard for phones.
Flit Keyboard rating
Lollipop Keyboard app icon
Lollipop Keyboard
Customize the keyboard of your Android device.
Lollipop Keyboard rating
Assamese Keyboard app icon
Assamese Keyboard
Add a customizable keyboard and type in the Assamese language on your phone.
Assamese Keyboard rating
Cheetah Keyboard app icon
Cheetah Keyboard
Add a new keyboard to your phone or tablet.
Cheetah Keyboard rating
Keyboard for LG G6 Style Theme app icon
Keyboard for LG G6 Style Theme
Add new keyboard themes to your phone or tablet.
Keyboard for LG G6 Style Theme rating

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Bulgarian Keyboard app icon
Bulgarian Keyboard
A custom keyboard that lets you type in Bulgarian with ease.
Bulgarian Keyboard rating
This application supports all the Bulgarian characters as well as BDS, phonetic traditional and ...
[Substratum] Galaxy Evolution app icon
[Substratum] Galaxy Evolution
Add a custom theme to various applications on devices with 7.x supported rooms.
[Substratum] Galaxy Evolution rating
... the SystemUI, Settings, Dialer, Contacts, Keyboard, Documents UI, Google Contacts, Google ...