Animated Wallpaper

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Aerial Live Wallpaper app icon
Aerial Live Wallpaper
Displays city landscapes.
Aerial Live Wallpaper rating
Space Colony Live Wallpaper app icon
Space Colony Live Wallpaper
Customize your smartphone with animated wallpapers and floating bubbles.
Space Colony Live Wallpaper rating
3D Light Live Wallpaper app icon
3D Light Live Wallpaper
Customize the aspect of your Android device's display.
3D Light Live Wallpaper rating
projectM Music Visualizer Pro app icon
projectM Music Visualizer Pro
Visualizes music with over 200 visual effects.
projectM Music Visualizer Pro rating
Universe Live Wallpaper app icon
Universe Live Wallpaper
Replaces the device's regular background image with a live wallpaper.
Universe Live Wallpaper rating
Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper app icon
Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper
Swap's the phone's default wallpaper with an Iron Man 3-themed one.
Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper rating
Electric Matrix Live Wallpaper app icon
Electric Matrix Live Wallpaper
Beautify your mobile phone's screen with a video wallpaper.
Electric Matrix Live Wallpaper rating
valentine's Day Live Wallpaper app icon
valentine's Day Live Wallpaper
Have a romantic animation as your Android device's background image.
valentine's Day Live Wallpaper rating

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True Weather, Waterfalls FREE app icon
True Weather, Waterfalls FREE
Animates the current weather, day and night as a live wallpaper.
True Weather, Waterfalls FREE rating
... specified cities. The live wallpaper is animated in full HD and it ...