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GO Keyboard app icon
GO Keyboard
Replace the stock Android keyboard with one including an extended functionality.
GO Keyboard rating
Typany Keyboard - DIY Themes, Emojis to Share app icon
Typany Keyboard - DIY Themes, Emojis to Share
Replaces the stock keyboard with one featuring a more advanced functionality.
Typany Keyboard - DIY Themes, Emojis to Share rating
Flit Keyboard app icon
Flit Keyboard
A modifies software keyboard for phones.
Flit Keyboard rating
Cheetah Keyboard app icon
Cheetah Keyboard
Add a new keyboard to your phone or tablet.
Cheetah Keyboard rating
Keyboard Master app icon
Keyboard Master
Manage all keyboards and input methods on your phone or tablet.
Keyboard Master rating

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Chrooma - Android P Keyboard, Hydrogen, GIF,  Free app icon
Chrooma - Android P Keyboard, Hydrogen, GIF, Free
Modifies its color theme according to your apps.
Chrooma - Android P Keyboard, Hydrogen, GIF,  Free rating
... the need to switch the keyboard every time.
Lollipop Keyboard app icon
Lollipop Keyboard
Customize the keyboard of your Android device.
Lollipop Keyboard rating
Choose from several keyboard themes with different ... the background of a keyboard by adding your own ...
TSwipe-Pro keyboard app icon
TSwipe-Pro keyboard
It's a customizable swipe keyboard for Android devices.
TSwipe-Pro keyboard rating
... typing a word by swiping. This keyboard supports many languages and different ...
Miss Fortune LoL app icon
Miss Fortune LoL
Customize the default Android keyboard with a Miss Fortune-themed one.
Miss Fortune LoL rating
... League of Legends to the keyboard app and slightly modify ... a few options for the keyboard layout.
Remote Mouse Keyboard and More app icon
Remote Mouse Keyboard and More
Use your Android mobile device as a wireless mouse or keyboard for your PC.
Remote Mouse Keyboard and More rating
... any action that would require a keyboard or a mouse remotely form your ...
Tambu Keyboard app icon
Tambu Keyboard
Offers more than 800 emoticons and customization options for Android phones.
Tambu Keyboard rating
This Turkish virtual keyboard comes with a ... type in any language. Keyboard themes, idioms, stickers, ...
Cute Photo Emoji Keyboard Skin app icon
Cute Photo Emoji Keyboard Skin
Personalize your Android phone keyboard with a photo theme.
Cute Photo Emoji Keyboard Skin rating
... your own photo to set a keyboard background. Add thousands of new ...
Gboard app icon
Alternative to the default Android keyboard with support for glide typing.
Gboard rating
Replace the default keyboard on Android devices with the one providing ...
Android TV Remote Control app icon
Android TV Remote Control
Turn your Android phone into a remote control for your Android TV.
Android TV Remote Control rating
Connect your device to your Android TV via a single network and ... or input text via the keyboard.
Samsung Smart TV : Keyboard app icon
Samsung Smart TV : Keyboard
Remotely control Samsung Smart TVs using your Android device and this app.
Samsung Smart TV : Keyboard rating
... the Smart TV and the Android device are on the same ...
GamePad app icon
Emulates a simple gamepad keyboard that makes it easier to play games.
GamePad rating
... D-Dpad directional keys, Cursor Keyboard Keys, and four (or ... with other Android emulators as well.
Translator keyboard app icon
Translator keyboard
Translate between multiple languages using your Android phone keyboard.
Translator keyboard rating
Select a flag marking the language and receive a translated text in any app, including Whatsapp, ...
Vysor app icon
Control your Android device remotely, from your computer.
Vysor rating
... the mouse and keyboard of the computer ... from the Android device. Mirroring the Android device to ...
Leena Desktop UI app icon
Leena Desktop UI
Brings a native multi-window desktop user interface to your Android device.
Leena Desktop UI rating
... and keyboard and connect a monitor (or TV) then you turn your Android ...
Magic Dosbox Free app icon
Magic Dosbox Free
Highly optimized and fast DOSBox port for Android.
Magic Dosbox Free rating
... games on their Android devices, with full mouse, keyboard, sound and gamepad ...
JuiceSSH app icon
A management and configuration suite for Android.
JuiceSSH rating
... Work with the pop-up keyboard to quickly edit texts, ... Mosh, Telner, local Android terminals, etc.
LG Smart TV Remote : keyboard app icon
LG Smart TV Remote : keyboard
Control your LG smart TV using your Android smartphone or tablet.
LG Smart TV Remote : keyboard rating
Launch TV applications, beam photos from your phone to the TV and stream the images from your TV to ...
Vectir PC Remote Control app icon
Vectir PC Remote Control
Control your computer from your Android smartphone or tablet.
Vectir PC Remote Control rating
Command your keyboard, mouse or audio volume using a ...
Mobizen Mirroring for SAMSUNG app icon
Mobizen Mirroring for SAMSUNG
Screen mirroring solution that also controls Android devices from a PC.
Mobizen Mirroring for SAMSUNG rating
... lets you control smartphones with a keyboard and mouse. Receiving alerts and ...
Google Pinyin Input app icon
Google Pinyin Input
Write using Chinese characters on your Android device.
Google Pinyin Input rating
The app includes a full keyboard with Chinese characters, intelligent correction ...
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