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Fire Emblem Heroes app icon
Fire Emblem Heroes
It's a version of a Nintendo RPG adapted for smart devices.
Fire Emblem Heroes rating
Fight alongside Optimus Prime and other iconic Transformers in this action-RPG.
HIT app icon
HIT stands for Heroes of Incredible Tales and it's a 3D Action RPG.
HIT rating
STAR OCEAN anamnesis app icon
STAR OCEAN anamnesis
High-end action RPG where you can enjoy a flashy 3D action battle.
STAR OCEAN anamnesis rating
Age of Ishtaria app icon
Age of Ishtaria
It's an action battle RPG with Anime-like visuals and artworks.
Age of Ishtaria rating
MARVEL Future Fight app icon
MARVEL Future Fight
Action RPG with characters, both heroes, and villains, from the Marvel Universe.
MARVEL Future Fight rating
Eternium app icon
An action RPG in the style of Diablo, Torchlight, and Path of Exile.
Eternium rating
LINE Skullgirls app icon
LINE Skullgirls
Test your skills and reflexes in a 2D fighting game.
LINE Skullgirls rating
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast app icon
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast
Play as an anti-hero named Eddie in a turned-based fantasy RPG.
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast rating
Dungeon Hunter 4 app icon
Dungeon Hunter 4
Fourth chapter of the Dungeon Hunter action RPG game.
Dungeon Hunter 4 rating
Exiled Kingdoms RPG app icon
Exiled Kingdoms RPG
Single-player Action-RPG with a huge world to explore.
Exiled Kingdoms RPG rating
Guardian Soul : Prelude to Revenge app icon
Guardian Soul : Prelude to Revenge
Action RPG with RTS elements, less stressful and more casual.
Guardian Soul : Prelude to Revenge rating
Monster Legends - RPG app icon
Monster Legends - RPG
Breed, feed, raise and train legendary monsters and take them to battle.
Monster Legends - RPG rating
Heroes Charge HD app icon
Heroes Charge HD
Play a multiplayer online RPG.
Heroes Charge HD rating
NTales : Child of Destiny app icon
NTales : Child of Destiny
Pocket Action RPG in 2D with thrilling gameplay.
NTales : Child of Destiny rating
Beyond Oasis Classic app icon
Beyond Oasis Classic
Action RPG inspired by the SEGA’s classic timeless adventure.
Beyond Oasis Classic rating
Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness Action RPG app icon
Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness Action RPG
Choose your path and use magic and weapons to defeat your enemies.
Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness Action RPG rating

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Brave Frontier RPG app icon
Brave Frontier RPG
Classic turn-based JRPG with intense Tap & Swipe action.
Brave Frontier RPG rating
Unleashing devastating combos is possible if you properly combine powers. More than 500 story-driven ...
The Walking Dead No Man's Land app icon
The Walking Dead No Man's Land
Enter the Walking Dead universe in a thrilling action-RPG.
The Walking Dead No Man's Land rating
Join Daryl, Rick. Michonne and some of your other favorite characters from the show and make ...
Ire: Blood Memory app icon
Ire: Blood Memory
A tactical action-RPG game for mobile platforms.
Ire: Blood Memory rating
Assume the role of a champion traveling the land and defeating monsters to subdue the forces of ...
Summoners War app icon
Summoners War
Action-packed fantasy RPG with a lot of online players.
Summoners War rating
Thousands of types of monsters are available for being assembled into the winning squads, as well as ...